51 days to go....

I have only 51 days left until my due date.... Time has really flown by! 

We still have boxes and boxes of baby clothes from my sister that need to be washed and put away, plus her room needs to be painted and her furniture needs to be put together [well, the furniture we have anyway]. We're getting closer and closer and our "to-to list" seems to be getting longer and longer!

Plus, I'm home sick today.... It seems to be that happens far too frequently lately. This little cupcake I'm baking is one tough cookie! I'm pretty sure she's going to come out in combat boots or Doc Martens.... It's all I can do to drag myself up off the couch and throw some laundry in the washing machine.... 

And on top of all that - 
this weekend is our Second Annual Huggett House Halloween Spooktacular! And we've yet to even begin our Halloween decorating! It's so unlike us - we're usually hauling out boxes of spooky stuff by July! But this year seems to be flying by and we've been either lost in the shuffle or too tired to do anything.... 

We're running out of time! 


monday monday....

I hate Mondays....
Especially now that I'm so freaking pregnant that the thought of driving two hours each way to work for five days straight is horrifying.... 
I miss you weekend...

But, on a good note, we picked out a paint color for Scarlett's room! Well, we at least picked out a sample.... 

It's called "Brand New Morning." 
Hopefully she'll like it. ♥

Plus, today is my niece Isabelle's 4th birthday!
I can't believe she's already four years old... It seems like just yesterday that my sister was hugely pregnant at our wedding and now we have a crazy 4 year old niece and an almost 2 year old niece, too!

Happy Birthday Miss Isabelle! We love you!


ten fourteen ten... four years later

We celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary last week on Thursday. We spent the end of last week in Monterey at the cutest bed and breakfast. Well, technically, we were staying in Pacific Grove which is right next to Monterey, but you get the idea.

They serve a super yum breakfast every morning, have a wine and cheese tasting each night [which I totally didn't get to partake in] and they serve fresh baked cookies and milk each night at 8pm. So lovely!

We went to Cannery Row and had lunch at Louie Linguini's - so good! Poor Nick forgot his leftovers in the men's room as we were leaving.. It was so yummy, too. Oh well. And we got more candies and chocolates and fudge than ever...

On Friday we went over to Carmel and looked for the White Rabbit - a cute, Alice in Wonderland themed store. We looked and looked and I walked right past the sign since it was right next to a candy shop called the "Cottage of Sweets" - they had the best truffles! 

After we bought a ton of stuff at the candy shop and walked for days down the street, we kind of gave up a bit and headed back up the street the way we came... And lo and behold - we came across the sign for the White Rabbit! It was right next to the candy shop! Oops! I get a little distracted when faced with a super cute candy cottage. So we went looking for the shop - but we couldn't find it anywhere. Nick finally went in and asked one of the other shop owners where the White Rabbit is and found out that they're not even there anymore! They're online only now. Bummer! I missed out on seeing the shop the last time we were in Carmel and it looks like I waited too long to go back. Oh well. We at least got a ton of yummy goodies from the candy shop. ♥

We decided that we were pretty beat so we should head back home but on the way, we stopped back in Monterey and saw "Jackass 3D" - I freaking looooove those guys! It was so gross and all kinds of disturbing, but we love it. 

Unfortunately, by the time we got out of the movie it was 5pm so we got a bit stuck in traffic trying to get back home. So we decided to make a detour and hit up the outlet shops in Gilroy for a bit to let the traffic die down. We spent waaaay too much money and time over there, but we had a blast and got some good stuff and for pretty cheap.

We finally got home late Friday night and crashed out in our own bed. But before we hit the hay - I finally got my anniversary gift! It hadn't been delivered by the time we left on Wednesday, so I had to wait until we got home to open it. Nick got me the Urban Decay Book of Shadows III! So awesome! It's so pretty that I don't even want to touch it - but I totally will. ♥
Plus, my Venomous Villains makeup from MAC was delivered as well! Makeup overload!
Such a good anniversary! Here's to a million more!

to do...

I have so much that still needs to get done before this little one arrives...
I figure if I post my list up here for all of you to see, I'll have to at least get some of it done.... 
Some. =]

  • Decide on a paint color for the baby's room
We're leaning towards a pale yellow for the walls and some shade of blue for the ceiling.
[Maybe the "Yellow Freeze" shade]
  • Actually paint the baby's room!
  • Finish washing and sorting all the baby clothes 
  • Clean the entire house - top to bottom!
  • Stop eating these freaking chocolate creme Oreos!

  • Get Christmas gift ideas finalized and prepped
  • Organize my craft room so I can get crafty while out on maternity leave
  • Finally put up Halloween decorations!
  • Finish prepping for the Second Annual Huggett House Halloween Spooktacular
So much to do and so little time.... 


so cute!

Scarlett got her first piece of mail yesterday! 
She got a package from her cousin, Alex - 
the cutest, softest, most cuddly pink outfit ever!

Isn't it the cutest thing?!?