We had the big ultrasound Friday and it looks like we're having a GIRL!

And now that Nick is adjusting to the idea of having a little girl, he's chiming in with his ideas on the nursery... And apparently he's not super down for the whole foresty theme that we were thinking about originally. =/

So after some intense brainstorming in the car on the way to San Francisco to see Wicked, we compromised on "Neverland" - and no, not the Michael Jackson version. So now I'm scouring the internet, looking for inspiration...

I absolutely looooove this print from Red Velvet Art:
I think it's going to be the inspiration for the walls in the nursery... That way, we'll still get to have pirate-y things as well as mermaids, fairies, little lost boys and Tiger Lily!

My mom found this awesome website that has some cute ideas for the shower... But all I really want to have is a dessert table, so everything is secondary. =] Amy Atlas has some really awesome presentations and I love this idea:

Plus, Nick bought me a little sewing machine so I can get to work on making pillows for the room! Yay!

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rhondafilarski said...

Ohhhh another girl - Jessica is gonna be a big sister!!!! I'm so happy for you both - girls are the best obviously - look at us. Yummy dessert table - who wouldn't love this.Love you