christmas countdown!

Alright, alright... I know it's only April. But I can't help it! 
I've been thinking about Christmas and all of the prep work that we still have to do to get ready for the end of this year.... We're hosting this year at our house for the first time! 

And we're planning on having a Candyland Christmas! 
I checked out Bakerella a while back and was smitten with these pictures:

So yummy and inspiring! 

So we started planning out our very own Candyland Christmas.... 
With felt snackies and candy canes on everything.... 

And I just now realized that I haven't even started making anything! 

I made a few felt cupcakes, but honestly....those are horrendous! I've really got to step up my game and soon! It takes me forever to finish a project - I'm the queen of procrastinators. And this is no small project! We want to transform the entire downstairs area of our house into a world made of candy..... 

So, the countdown is on - 

I'd better get crafting!


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