cuckoo clocks and circus fun....

Ever since I was a little girl I've been crazy afraid of clowns. 
There's just nothing I can do about it. They scare the living daylights out of me. 
Unfortunately, I think the rest of the circus is awesome - I just can't bring myself to go 
because the clowns will be there, too. 

Seriously. Clowns are the scariest things EVER!

But look at how lovely the rest of the circus can be...

And the yummy [but terribly messy] cotton candy!

Stupid clowns... Always having to mess things up. 

Also, I've been looking at cuckoo clocks lately and I really really REALLY want one for the house...
But Nick isn't so excited about it. 
He just wants one that doesn't make any noise, but where's the fun in that?!?!
Look at these amazing ones I came across just today:

Even a gorgeous pink one!!! 
It would look so great in our kitchen...
or in my office....
or anywhere in the house, really. 

I hope you're having an amazing Tuesday! 
Only three more work days until the weekend! 

Woo Hoo!!!



happy friday! [well, for me, anyway!]

I am sooooooo happy that it's my Friday today! I took tomorrow off as a much needed "mental health day" and I couldn't be happier.

Work has been a bit of a nightmare lately and Nick's commuting car blew a head gasket so I've been carpooling in with a co-worker - except now I need to leave my house at 5.15am to meet at her house, then drive in. We've been getting to work an hour early or more - and it's slowly killing my soul.

But I'm off tomorrow so everything will be bright and lovely!

I'm going to try and do some cleaning, some organizing and most importantly - some crafting and baking! I found this amazing blog that has me all inspired to get more crafty. Cutest stuff ever, right??? 

And my co-worker told me about the most amazing cake decorating tool ever - now I just need to save up some serious $$$ to get my hands on it! As Nick always says "Christmas is coming!" 

So be on the lookout for more craftiness coming soon! 

Happy "Friday!"


lookie what i made!

Cute, huh?



I admit it - I'm a Gleek.... 

But I'm totally allowed to be! I lived for choir in high school. We were at school practicing all hours of the day and night - sometimes weekends, too!
And Glee is terribly accurate sometimes - to the point of being embarrassing  to watch with others. 

So in honor of Glee being back tonight, here are some 
crazy embarrassing pictures of my high school choir days
[try to find me!]

CMEA 1996

West Side Story 1997

West Side Story Cast 1997

Fullerton 1998
[don't you loooove my little brother's red hair?!?!?!?]

Freaking hilarious, right???

Welcome back Glee!!!! 
We missed you!



christmas countdown!

Alright, alright... I know it's only April. But I can't help it! 
I've been thinking about Christmas and all of the prep work that we still have to do to get ready for the end of this year.... We're hosting this year at our house for the first time! 

And we're planning on having a Candyland Christmas! 
I checked out Bakerella a while back and was smitten with these pictures:

So yummy and inspiring! 

So we started planning out our very own Candyland Christmas.... 
With felt snackies and candy canes on everything.... 

And I just now realized that I haven't even started making anything! 

I made a few felt cupcakes, but honestly....those are horrendous! I've really got to step up my game and soon! It takes me forever to finish a project - I'm the queen of procrastinators. And this is no small project! We want to transform the entire downstairs area of our house into a world made of candy..... 

So, the countdown is on - 

I'd better get crafting!



sugar overload!

Happy day after Easter everyone! How did you spend your Sunday???

I made sugarbomb cupcakes and brought them to my parent's house. The kids were already wired out of their minds when I got there from all of the Easter basket goodness, so I'm sure my sister really appreciated the crazy amounts of sugar that constituted my Peeps cupcakes. ♥

But the kids seemed to really like them. And that's all that really matters, right?


Even the big kids liked them...

I tried my hand at making an Easter egg plushie for the girls...I got one made, but that's it. =P

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! ♥