oh liberty of london...

How do I love thee?

Check out these adorable finds from Target!

Super cute tumbler...

Little cereal bowls!

And look at the inside!

So cute!

I bought one of the ceramic planters to put my flowers in...

But I haven't actually gotten around to doing it! I'm a terrible gardener....

I would've LOVED to get one of the bikes...

But I haven't seen any at the stores around here and I'm kind of unsure about buying a bike online.... But they're so awesome!

Such cute stuff! Go get some NOW before they run out!


nick caught up!

My week of being the "older woman" is over!
Nick is 30 now, too! And he loved his presents...

Yay for hot brownies from the oven! ♥

PS - "Alice" comes out tomorrow!!! EEEEK!
So excited!