the most amazing girls...

Today at work we are having a birthday potluck for my big day [we get our actual birthdays off, so I won't be in the office tomorrow]. Everyone is bringing such yumminess -
  • chow mein and pizza...
  • pie and banana pudding...
  • ice cream and bbq meatballs....
  • cupcakes...

Unfortunately, I got a flat tire this morning and since I live in the godforsaken valley and have to commute 70+ miles each way into work everyday, I'm basically stranded at home until my car gets fixed.

Which probably won't be until later this afternoon, thus making my commute into work afterwards completely pointless.

I'm missing my own birthday party.

Not to mention the immense stack of urgent work issues that I was working on and was going to finish up today before I was off for my long birthday weekend.
People were depending on me to get things done.
And I'm stuck here - completely unable to do them.

That's where the "most amazing girls come" in...

I have the world's best co-workers ever!

Instead of being mad that I was going to be out of the office so they had to take on extra work to cover me,
and instead of being irritated that they had brought in such yummy food for my potluck and I wasn't even going to be there,
and instead of wanting to kill me for leaving such a huge pile of urgent drama to be handled,
they stepped up and took care of my stuff.

No guilt, no drama, no hard feelings.

And my plate was quite full at work today.

But they took it all for me without even giving me a hard time.

And that's why I drive 70+ miles to work everyday -
so I can work with the most amazing girls I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

You guys are the best!
[And I promise to bring you cupcakes as soon as I can!]

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