the big three-oh!

Yesterday was they day - I left my dramatic twenties behind and stepped into my "fabulous thirties!" My mom came all the way out to the godforsaken valley to help me celebrate by spending the day power shopping with a crafty nightcap to top it all off.

Such a blast....

Mom at BJ's Brewhouse

She wanted a picture of me on my birthday....

On to the good stuff! Strawberry mint mojito!

She wanted a picture of me "with the background." ?!?!?

We had the yummiest food! A pesto pizza for Mom and BBQ chicken sliders with wedge fries for me! So good! And cheap! Our entire bill, my girlie drink included, was only $26! Awesome! More $$$ to blow at the mall!

Once we got home we got a little goofy and started taking pictures of us being nerds...

We even made little butterfly hair pins to wear at my birthday party today but when I put them in my mom's hair to check them out,
I forgot to make sure that the super glue was COMPLETELY dry!
Poor Mom.... She had butterflies stuck in her hair!

We even made a little red velvet cake and my mom frosted it.

Did I mention that she LOVES my cream cheese frosting???

Thanks to everyone for all of the awesome birthday wishes and a
to my amazing mom who made my birthday great.
Thanks Mom! I love you!!!

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