the big three-oh!

Yesterday was they day - I left my dramatic twenties behind and stepped into my "fabulous thirties!" My mom came all the way out to the godforsaken valley to help me celebrate by spending the day power shopping with a crafty nightcap to top it all off.

Such a blast....

Mom at BJ's Brewhouse

She wanted a picture of me on my birthday....

On to the good stuff! Strawberry mint mojito!

She wanted a picture of me "with the background." ?!?!?

We had the yummiest food! A pesto pizza for Mom and BBQ chicken sliders with wedge fries for me! So good! And cheap! Our entire bill, my girlie drink included, was only $26! Awesome! More $$$ to blow at the mall!

Once we got home we got a little goofy and started taking pictures of us being nerds...

We even made little butterfly hair pins to wear at my birthday party today but when I put them in my mom's hair to check them out,
I forgot to make sure that the super glue was COMPLETELY dry!
Poor Mom.... She had butterflies stuck in her hair!

We even made a little red velvet cake and my mom frosted it.

Did I mention that she LOVES my cream cheese frosting???

Thanks to everyone for all of the awesome birthday wishes and a
to my amazing mom who made my birthday great.
Thanks Mom! I love you!!!


please please please...

Can I have a ceramic unicorn head for the house???


my worst fear...

Please God...

Don't let my husband [a cereal junkie] ever hear of this idea...

I would probably die on the spot. I HATE the sound of people eating - I even irritate myself!

And cereal is by far the worst food for me to hear.


the most amazing girls...

Today at work we are having a birthday potluck for my big day [we get our actual birthdays off, so I won't be in the office tomorrow]. Everyone is bringing such yumminess -
  • chow mein and pizza...
  • pie and banana pudding...
  • ice cream and bbq meatballs....
  • cupcakes...

Unfortunately, I got a flat tire this morning and since I live in the godforsaken valley and have to commute 70+ miles each way into work everyday, I'm basically stranded at home until my car gets fixed.

Which probably won't be until later this afternoon, thus making my commute into work afterwards completely pointless.

I'm missing my own birthday party.

Not to mention the immense stack of urgent work issues that I was working on and was going to finish up today before I was off for my long birthday weekend.
People were depending on me to get things done.
And I'm stuck here - completely unable to do them.

That's where the "most amazing girls come" in...

I have the world's best co-workers ever!

Instead of being mad that I was going to be out of the office so they had to take on extra work to cover me,
and instead of being irritated that they had brought in such yummy food for my potluck and I wasn't even going to be there,
and instead of wanting to kill me for leaving such a huge pile of urgent drama to be handled,
they stepped up and took care of my stuff.

No guilt, no drama, no hard feelings.

And my plate was quite full at work today.

But they took it all for me without even giving me a hard time.

And that's why I drive 70+ miles to work everyday -
so I can work with the most amazing girls I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

You guys are the best!
[And I promise to bring you cupcakes as soon as I can!]


one week to go!

There is only 1 week left until I turn thirty! Ugh!
I know that thirty really isn't very old at all, but I've got it in my head that it's some big event... And not in a good way.
So, to cheer myself up [and maybe help some friends and family out], I'm going to post a bunch of lovely things that I would totally love to get for my big day.

This gorgeous pink clock!

A ton of adorable "Alice-ness!"

Pretty much anything from Bake it Pretty!

And, as always....

More tattoos!!!
[They're always on my list and I never seem to get around to actually getting more of them!]

Happy almost Birthday to me! ♥


try not to be jealous....

We went to check out a random yard sale in our
neighborhood on Saturday and
amongst all the random crap, I found this:

A completely awesome little accordion!

It's so rad....
And I'm fully going to play it all the time....
Not that I know how to play it, but it's just awesome to even try.

It's a little beat up, but it still makes the most wonderful noises....

Maybe I'll have to invest in a little monkey to dance around and collect quarters for me....


happy hearts day!!! [for real this time!]

Hope you're all having an amazing Valentine's Day today!

Here: Have a cupcake! [Or three!]

"Pinkie Pie"

"Nick's Cupcake" - all dressed up for Valentine's Day

"Little Miss Popularity"

I even made a little Valentine's Day sampler pack for my mom!

Happy Love Day!
Share a smooch with the one you love...


happy birthday dad!

In honor of my awesome dad's birthday, I've added a new addition to the Caffeinated Cupcakes menu:

The Sour Kraut!

Lemon cake with a creamy lemon buttercream, with a sour lemon candy topper!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

[Now we have to jet out of here to make it to your
surprise birthday shindig at Dave & Busters!
See you in a bit!]