so.... daiso?

Why had no one told me about this store???

I was reading The Farm Chicks blog and it kept mentioning this store called "Daiso" that Serena loved. I totally wanted to check it out, but didn't think there were any in my area. Then, finally, I googled it and found out that there was one right down the street from where I work! I had passed the sign a million times and never made the connection that this was the store they were talking about!

So I talked Nick into checking it out with me one day last week during my hour-long lunch break - Big mistake. I should have just been patient and waited until AFTER work so I wouldn't have to hurry and rush out of there. I sooo need to go back!

But I was able to grab some awesome goodies in the short amount of time I was able to spend there. Check them out!

A bag full of goodies! ♥

The haul...

Nick found a swanky tie for only $5.00!

And I got an icing/slicing/serving knife! And a pair of super thin tongs to use when dipping my cake balls in coating.

And a super cute pencil case and little notebooks [check out the creepy/cute baby!]

And adorable bookends! The red pair is staying here in the kitchen to hold up my cookbooks and the green pair is coming to work with me to hold up all the randomness that accumulates on top of my desk...

I got this froggy mask for my best friend's birthday [she loves frogs] but the more I look at it, the more I kind of want to keep it to wear when I'm baking... We'll see. Maybe I'll have to go back this week and see if they have another one so we can both be froggies!

And the most weird/awesome/hilarious find:

Hey! Get your head out of the gutter! It's a BANANA CASE! To keep your fruit from bruising and getting messed up on the long commute into work or school! I brought this bad boy back to work with me after my lunch break and showed my co-workers. They all thought this was the funniest thing ever! Steven even took a picture with it!

Such a cute store - and the best part was that most things in there only cost $1.50 or less! Sweet! I'm sure I'll be back - hopefully soon! I'll see if I can get my co-workers to check it out with me next week... I'm sure we all need a banana case of our own.

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