feltie foods...

The other day I was reading my latest issue of "Bust" and I came across a review for the book "Felites" by Nelly Pailloux. It looked so cute that the next day I ran to the bookstore to check it out. After I brought it home and sat down with all my feltie crafty supplies, I ended up reading it cover to cover and then being so inspired by all the cuteness that I just grabbed some scissors and thread and went to town making up my own feltie cuteness.

My first attempt was a bit of a disaster - I traced a template that I had free-handed onto some felt that I had laying around, plus I had no stuffing materials except for cotton balls, so this one is a total mess. So now it belongs to Miss Candy, our cat.

My second attempt was a bit better - I just cut it right out of the felt - no more pen marks on the fabric to deal with. And I had gone to the store and gotten some actual Poly-Fil to stuff it with so no more cotton balls!

I made a smaller version, too. I asked Nick what kind of sprinkles it should have and he chose mint green..... Okaaaaay.

All in all, they're not terrible. But I definitely have room for improvement. Lots of it!

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