black friday...

Did you do it?

Did you brave the freezing cold wind and crazy crowds to wait in agonizingly slow check-out lines just to save some moolah the day after Thanksgiving???

I didn't.

But I did do some Black Friday shopping. Thank goodness for Amazon! I was able to log on and basically finish all my holiday shopping for Nick in five minutes! And I only spent a whopping $30!

Woo hoo!

What did you buy???



Can I just say, "Wow..."

I can absolutely, positively NEVER EVER AGAIN see the movie "Up!" I may quite possibly die from dehydration.

We went to my parents' house last night and after having some super yummy wine and going through boxes of old family stuff, my mom thought it would be a good idea for us to watch "Up" since neither my husband nor I had seen it yet. So we settled in on the couch, wineglass in hand, and started the movie.

I lasted about 5 minutes.

I seriously CANNOT handle lonely old men. They absolutely kill me! My heart breaks from the moment I see one. I used to wait tables at Marie Callender's and we were right next to an elderly care home. These two little older gentlemen would always come in for lunch and sit in my section and after serving them a few times, I had to start giving away their table to other servers just because I couldn't stand to tear myself away from their side. I wanted to comp their food and bring them pie and sit with them while they told stories.

I'm a sucker for old folks. Especially the dudes.

For some reason, I've never been inclined to feel like I need to take care of older ladies. Maybe it's because the women in my family have always been such strong people, but for some reason, I'm way more likely to feel heartbroken by grandpas that are by themselves.

And this movie was a killer for someone like me.

Never again. Seriously.

[But it was sooooo good!]



[The inspiration for my Halloween costume this year]

Sorry that I've been gone for sooooooo long! Fall is always our busiest time of year - birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, finally cool enough weather for us to leave our house and have some fun! But I'm back now - with pictures of our First Annual Huggett House Halloween Spooktacular!

[The Girls]

This year is the first year that we've had our very own house to do up Halloween style - so do it up we did!

[Our bathroom]

Our theme was "metal" - but it was conceptual. People came as knights with shiny swords, as Rob Zombie & his "Living Dead Girl" [me & Nick!], as a keg that actually dispensed drinks from his hat and even as Nick, the most metal guy I know.

[My brother as "Nick!" Most "Metal" costume of the night!]

Since it was our first Halloween in town we didn't really know what to expect in terms of trick-or-treaters. Like, was this a town that was finished by 7pm or that went late into the evening [it went pretty late]? Would the six bags of candy that Nick bought be enough [not even close]? How many kids would show up [a freaking TON]? Would anyone show up [oh yes!]? Did the kids wear costumes or try to hustle candy by wearing their football uniforms and a backpack [they did both actually...]?

[My parents were so adorable!]

[The "Keg" and "Knight"]

We ended up with a TON of kids! They actually would go to the house across the street from ours [the only other one on the block with any kind of decorations!] and then make a beeline for our house! We were out of candy so fast that within an hour of the sun setting, my brother-in-law had to clear off my dessert table and start filling the candy bowl up with the goodies that I'd laid out for the party people to take home with them! Even the nasty butterscotch candies that I got only because they were orange and would look cute on the table! We luckily had enough candy [gross or not] to cover all of the kids that we had show up - and only once did I hear Nick the Costume Nazi reprimand some high school kid for showing up to our house in street clothes expecting candy - even though Nick totally gave him some anyway.

[The butterscotch! =P]

[Yummy dessert table before I piled it with dessert!]

All in all it was a super blast! And we're totally doing it again next year!

[Trick or Treat cupcakes - they had a mini candy bar hidden in the center!]

[Brownie truffles!]

Oh! About those six bags of candy that we blew through in an hour... When Nick came home with the candy the day he bought it, I emptied three of the bags into our bowl on the credenza in the front hall and I put the remaining three bags into the little cabinet that the bowl sat on top of and told Nick that when the bowl gets low, check the cabinet to refill it. Well, in the craziness that followed with the candy rush on Halloween, everyone totally forgot about the three remaining bags! The next afternoon, Nick and I spent the entire day lounging around on the couch in our pajamas waiting cheesy movies and eating leftover chips and salsa - and I suddenly remembered about those bags and wondered if anyone had thought to use them. Nope. They were still sitting there underneath the bowl that had only hours before held all kinds of butterscotch candies for those poor kids trick-or-treating..... Oops!

[Me & Nick - "Rob Zombie" and his "Living Dead Girl"]

How did you spend your spookiest night of the year???