leather and love...

Last Wednesday was our third wedding anniversary - traditionally the "leather" year. We don't tend to give each other gifts for our anniversaries, though - just cards and maybe flowers and this year was no different.

We spent the day at the cake shop and then the pumpkin patch!

It had rained like the dickens the day before, so the HUUUUGE patch down the road from this one was closed for the day, so we stopped off at a smaller, but totally cute, family farm stand that had a little patch set up right next to it.

And they had the cutest little pumpkins! I get way too attached to all the pumpkins when we're out shopping for them [same thing happens at Christmas with all the little trees!] so I finally had to just tell Nick to pick mine out for me. He made some rad choices, too.....

They even had some super yummy homemade corn nuts! They were soooo good! Nick got the spicy hot pepper ones [too hot for my wussy mouth!] and I got the BBQ flavored ones. So yum! And they didn't practically break my teeth off when I ate them - still really crunchy, but not so hard they lose almost all the flavor.

Then we went home and Nick made the best crab for dinner!
And he brought me roses and the cutest card...

Dinner by candlelight.... ♥

Here's to three more years! [And a million more after that!]

PS: Pictures of our cake shop finds to come!

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classy broad said...

awwww! so sweet! <3 happy belated anniversary!

and i always love the little christmas trees too! short and fat! :)