Okay, so I’m not generally a morning person. I’ve accepted that. It takes me quite a while to get myself into the groove of the day and plaster a smile on my face. But once I get that smile there, I'm basically good for the rest of the day. Well, during the week anyway. When I’m home on the weekends and days off, I can be happy as a clam first thing in the morning; up and baking and cleaning and crafting. But we’re not talking about the glorious weekends… We’re taking about the drudgery of the work week. And this week has been a freaking whopper!

You would think that since it was a short week due to Labor Day that it would be a breeze, but not so much… All week everyone has had a case of the crazies! And they’re all driving me up the wall! Every little thing all week has been getting on my nerves – the constant giggling from the department next door, the barrage of random phone calls and “URGENT” faxes, the stop and go traffic jams the entire length of my 70+ mile commute – EVERYTHING!

And I’m not an unhappy person by any means, so this week is slowly killing my soul, day by annoying day. If it weren’t Friday, I honestly don’t know if I would’ve made it.

So for the remaining 5 and a ½ hours until I can get out of here and start my weekend, I need to surround myself with happiness to make it through the day.

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