"caffeinated cupcakes" the brand...

I love to bake and try out new recipes and stuff and more often than not, I'll bring the results into work with me so my co-workers can try out the goodies and let me know what they think. And now I have people that work in my building that are interested in ordering and paying for some of those goodies, which is something I've always thought about pursuing, but never actually sought out. So now I'm faced with the prospect of somehow commercializing my little cuppycakes and figuring out a business plan. Thank goodness I have Nick to help me out!

Nick [my husband] is all about setting up a website for my baking and helping to develop a business plan, as well as being my in-house baked goodies taste tester. But I've never had to think about my baking in terms of dollar amounts and menus and sizes.... It's kind of ruining the fun in it.

But if I'm able to support my random baking habit by baking, well then I guess it's not all that terrible then, is it? And if I have to suck it up and think about all the amazing yumminess that I could make and possibly sell, then I'll do it. With a smile and a ton of confectioners sugar!

Keep on the lookout for the new website - I'll still be blogging here in the meantime and trying out some new recipes. Happy baking!

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