missing in action...

I know I know... It's been quite a while. And I'm sorry about that. The heat out here in the godforsaken valley has been impossible and the thought of typing on a hot little green laptop with no air conditioning in the house is enough to drive me screaming towards the cold, tiled bathroom... But I'll be back. I promise...♥


saturday morning cookies...

There's nothing like a batch of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies on a Saturday morning and curling up with a book and the first season of LA Ink... Lovely!

Hope you're all having an amazing lazy weekend!


oh thank goodness!

The blogs that disappeared from my "following" list yesterday have all reappeared! Thank goodness! I was getting really bummed out that I'd have to go around and try to stumble upon the same amazing-ness all over again! ♥


what is wrong with my computer?!?!?

All of the blogs that I follow on Blogger have suddenly disappeared!

Is this happening to anyone else???

And I just settled in to catch up on my reading while I finish my lunch at work....



percy jackson & the olympians... ♥

I just finished reading the last book in this series and although they're definitely for "young adults" I don't care. They're totally entertaining.

And I just heard that they're making a movie! It's coming out next year right before my birthday! Yay!
That's two movies that are coming out within a month of each other next year that I'm super excited for!
If you haven't already - go check out these books. They're a quick read, but so worth it. And all of the mythology that they bring into the modern world is super interesting.

I hope this is the beginning of a new trend. ♥

a lesson learned...

When your cell phone is off and you forget adorable chocolate cupcakes in the back of your car during the summertime, find a way to call your absent-minded husband and remind him to

Because they will melt, as I unfortunately found out last week.

And there aren't many things sadder than a melted cupcake...
Unless it's two dozen melted cupcakes, of course.

Oh well... A lesson learned.