out of my mind!

I think I need to win the lottery sooner rather than later so I don't keep watching myself fall further and further down the rabbit hole....

Being broke sucks.


we tried to make pretzels tonight...

I say "we tried" because what we ended up with was vaguely pretzel-like but not quite the real thing.

We used some Pillsbury ready made pizza dough and rolled it out. Then we cut some one inch thick strips from it and Nick tried his hardest to spin them into a pretzel shape like the folks at Auntie Anne's and Wetzel's Pretzels make look so easy... But it's not. But Nick is amazing and managed to make them look adorable.

We even had a bit of dough left over so I could make a heart shaped one!

We then brushed the pretzels with an egg wash to give it that nice shiny "professional" look.

Once we had them all spread out on the cookie sheet, Nick seasoned six of them with sea salt

and the rest were for me to cover in cinnamon sugariness...


I also whipped up some cinnamon sugar cream cheese filling to use as a dipping sauce for the sweet pretzels. It was just cinnamon, confectioner's sugar, milk and cream cheese blended together.

We made quite a mess in the kitchen!

But once the homemade pretzels came out of the oven, it looked like all the mess and toil would be worth it! They were totally cute! And super hot! Poor Nick burned his fingers trying to snag them from the cookie sheet right after they came out.

We ended up with six salty ones and three and a half sweet ones.

They tasted a bit like Play-Doh, but they weren't that bad...
And the icing made the sweet ones even better!

Plus they were full of love... ♥