a sugar filled weekend....

This weekend, I spent the majority of my time standing barefoot in the kitchen covered in confectioner's sugar. I was in heaven! And here's what I ended up with:
Chocolate chip yellow cake with dark chocolate buttercream frosting!

S'mores cupcakes with graham cracker sprinkles and a Hershey bar topper!


I'll post more later on how I made the cupcakes.... ♥


the maker faire!

Last weekend we went to the Maker Faire in San Mateo and had a blasty blast! I went with my mom, aunt Candy and friend Nicole and got thoroughly sunburned and exhausted, but had a super good time.

I had to get up super bright and early to make the long trek out of the Valley and into the Bay - plus I had to drop Nick off at the BART station on my way, get gas, wash the car windows so I could actually see where I was driving and get coffee - all before we met at my mom's house at 10.30am. But I made it and we were off!

After we bought our tickets [25 freaking bucks!] we made it inside. My aunt, Candy, was a bit miffed on our way in so we asked her what was up... Apparently, at the ticket window they just ask what kind of ticket you're buying [adult, student, kid, whatever...] and the guy in the little window assumed my aunt wanted a senior price ticket! She was all flustered and just nodded, completely floored. But she got her ticket for cheaper than the rest of us, so I was bummed that I hadn't tried to hustle my way into a student ticket myself!

Candy & my Mom before the great senior ticket debacle

Once we were successfully in the Faire, we took off like a bunch of overstimulated kids towards the big expo hall. It was FULL of Make and Craft magazine goodness - a million different issues of the magazines, plus a ton of projects to buy and make. There were even tables everywhere full of books on everything crafty! We were in heaven....

Crafty Bliss!

Mom and Candy found this awesome calendar full of crafty things to learn for every single day. My mom wanted one of the craft bags sooooo bad that she jumped into the line with her calendar and got herself one. My aunt followed right behind; both of them so happy about their new calendars and bags that they were beaming from ear to ear.


That is, until they looked a little closer at the new calendars they'd just purchased - for the amazing price of just under $8. They were from August 2008 to December 2009 - and with it being the end of May 2009, they'd just acquired 10 months of calendar pages they would have no use for. No wonder it was such a bargain!

The infamous calendar

But after we convinced them that it could still be looked at as a bargain [after all, they could still learn all of the amazing facts that were covered in those ten lost months] they laughed it off and we went in search of yummy Faire food.

Or so I thought.

It turned out that Nicole, my mom and Candy all wanted a falafel - a nasty type of "food" that makes me "feel awful." Blah! But being the dutiful daughter/niece/friend that I am, I went with them to stand in a crazy long line to wait for food.

And once they got their lunch, my entertainment began.

Falafel can be a messy sort of food, especially at the Faire where you never have enough napkins to soak up all of the mess. It was hilarious... They spent the entire time slowly leaning farther and farther over themselves trying to keep the dripping to a minimum - and having an impossible time of it! They all ended up with food all over themselves! But not me - I enjoyed my can of soda and thought about all of the clean food and napkins that I had at home waiting for me.

Falafel fingers...

While we were eating, we were able to take in the sights of all of the assorted rides that were there for people to ride on. They looked like people had made them in their backyards and garages, but they were awesome! I want these things in my backyard and garage!

Super amazing homemade rides!

After everyone was done licking the falafel mess off of their hands, we went out in search of crazy craftiness.... And we found it.

An electric skull with television monitors as eyes....


Pasta making!

The Pen Car!

The Bondage Car!

A bike-drawn buggy!

Cupcakes on wheels!

A HUUUUUUGE hand that you could control just by wearing a glove and moving your own hand! It could even crush cars! [Someone had left it in the "metal" position, so I had to take a picture to show Nick how rockin' the Faire was.]

They even had this super amazing huge set of metal wings that you could stand in the center of while it slowly rotated around!

Fire would shoot out of this thing randomly, but my camera sucks at taking pictures when I want it to, so I never got any good shots. Plus, I'm not a big fan of intense heat, so I tried to keep my distance....

Me - behind a cheesy cut-out of a caveman on a wheel....

A completely clear pinball machine!

Candy & Mom learning how to braid using seven strands of yarn [My mom is hooked! She finished her braid later that night!]

We found the holy grail for crafty types - the Craftster table! But we were too chicken to go over and play - Kittykill was there! We were starstruck!

Artoo Detoo!

Huge birthday cake made out of Legos!

Awesome artwork! One was made entirely out of recycled two-liter bottles and the other was a long piece of red silk attached to a fan that would fly over our heads...

Mom & Candy had a blast from the past with the hula hoop vendor - but they weren't about to shell out 40 bucks for nostalgia's sake!

These guitars were controlled by a kid riding a bicycle, but he was a bit short and couldn't really get going, so there was only an occasional twang instead of some rocking tunes....

The vendor hall was out of control! But filled to the brim with crafty loveliness!

A steam train building!

Candy bought the cutest bag!

Candy learning new things from her "learning" calendar!

Our haul

Dad loves craftiness!

All in all we had a great time - we saw a bunch of super interesting stuff, burned our noses in the sun, ate some really yummy double espresso dark chocolate toffee, got sore feet from traipsing around all day in bad shoes and just had a blast!

See you next year Maker Faire!