the godforsaken valley...

This weekend was hell.

I'm serious - it was pure hell.

I thought that I could handle all the random irks that come with living in the valley - the dreadful 1 1/2 hour commute every day [each way], the weird semi-sketchy people, the near-total remoteness of our town - but what I never really counted on was the heat...

I mean I knew that it was "hotter" out there; especially compared to my beloved Bay Area, but 108 degrees on a random Sunday in May?!?!? Seriously?!?!?! That's just craziness! And for someone like me, who when the thermometer starts inching up towards 70 degrees starts to get a little clammy, 108 is pure and total hell.

I think I may need to instal a slide directly from my bed to the tilted ghetto pool we installed last weekend.

Wish me luck come actual summertime!

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jasmine said...

ugh. 108?!?!? that's tooooo hot. i am SUCH a wimp about the heat and am totally obnoxious to be around when it's hot. i have a tendency to whine about it. annoying, right??

i wish you lots and lots of luck this summer, and i hope you guys can find a way to stay cool!