the apricot fiesta! ♥

We ventured out this afternoon to our little towns biggest draw of the year - the Patterson Apricot Fiesta! Although, we didn't actually see any apricots... Maybe it's a misnomer.

Anyway, since it was so freaking warm downtown, we only stuck around for about an hour of so... But it was long enough to see more baby strollers and bad tattoos than I ever needed.... But we did have some pretty good "festival" grub: a huuuuuge corndog for Nick, a pink lemonade in a Styrofoam cup [bad fiesta!] for me and a double scoop of Boy Scout made apricot ice cream on a cone for the both of us to share. All in all, not a bad hour. ♥

Patterson City Hall

Nick with his huge corndog...

Me and my un-environmentally friendly lemonade...

Some delightful "Fiesta" fun...

Yum! Apricot ice cream!

I suck at eating ice cream on a cone... especially a double scoop in the hot afternoon sun!

Finally got it...

Too hot and crowded... We're going home!


the godforsaken valley...

This weekend was hell.

I'm serious - it was pure hell.

I thought that I could handle all the random irks that come with living in the valley - the dreadful 1 1/2 hour commute every day [each way], the weird semi-sketchy people, the near-total remoteness of our town - but what I never really counted on was the heat...

I mean I knew that it was "hotter" out there; especially compared to my beloved Bay Area, but 108 degrees on a random Sunday in May?!?!? Seriously?!?!?! That's just craziness! And for someone like me, who when the thermometer starts inching up towards 70 degrees starts to get a little clammy, 108 is pure and total hell.

I think I may need to instal a slide directly from my bed to the tilted ghetto pool we installed last weekend.

Wish me luck come actual summertime!


more than a feeling... ♥

So, my husband Nick is a video game reviewer who - for his job - needs to play video games at a near constant rate. I'm used to hearing random explosions and gunfire throughout the house and have been known to fall asleep to the tune of various Beautiful Katamari levels.

But it wasn't until recently that I realized the effect that hearing all of these random games has had on me. Whenever I hear a song that is featured on any of the Guitar Hero or Rock Band games, I wait for the inevitable whammy bar twang or virtual crowd to cheer.

"More Than a Feeling" by Boston will never be the same. Neither will "Last Child" by Aerosmith. And I'm not sure how sad that makes me... But I'm sure it's sad overall.