these are a few of my favorite things....

getting crafty
cherry blossoms
daisy duck
office supplies
bbq sauce
road trips
red & black
eye makeup
lip balm
valentine’s day
my bed
red wine
big purses
singing in the car
snow white
pin-up girls
music from the 30s & 40s
cute shoes
fairy tales
cupcakes [of course!]

she's crafty.....

I learned how to embroider [well, I learned a stitch or two thanks to Nicole!] and over the course of many months now, I've made some pretty random things.....

And here they are [in no particular order]!

close-up of apron


my ghetto paper tailight

my first project ever!

lookin' good...

close-up of apron

stay golden!

close-up of apron

close-up of apron

for the stocktons

close-up of apron


i'm not crazy....

But I am a little sad.

You see, years and years ago I was in the grocery store when I happened across the soup aisle and found the greatest soup invention ever - Campbell's Tomato Soup with Goldfish pasta swimming in it. Genius!

But I, not being the genius then that I am now, decided not to get it that day and went on my way. The next time I was in the store, I remembered the delightful soup and went looking for it - only to find nothing. And I mean NOTHING - no empty spot on the shelf, no old price tag - NOTHING! And it continued like that for years until today when I came across a website that sells cases of discontinued and hard to find food [Don't ask how I found it - I just did]. They confirmed that I was in fact not crazy, but that I had just stumbled upon the last chunk of Tomato and Goldfish soup in my area and had let it slip by..... It's discontinued and there is no way I'm going to pay almost $28.00 for 6 cans of soup. Even if it is the ever elusive Tomato with Goldfish that I'd been searching for all these years....

The search is finally over.



speaking of amazingness.....

When are we going to see something new from

"The Male CarrieR" Steve-O???

We're anxiously waiting!

where we are now...

Lately I've come across a ton of people that I used to know "way back when" on Facebook, Myspace and all those other random social networking sites and I'm absolutely blown away by the amazing things that these old friends of mine have been doing all these missing years. They've become doctors and attorneys, they run non-profit organizations and they make some of the raddest crafty things I've ever seen.

It's hard to believe that these are the same folks that I used to sneak drinks and cut class with just 10 or 15 short years ago...

Where does the time go?


long time, no nothing....

So, I've been on this thing for months and months now and I've yet to actually write something. Since everyone else seems to be getting on the Blogger train, I figured the time is now to get up off my butt and put stuff out there.

So here: Stuff.

I guess I need a bit of inspiration.... What inspires you?