Everyday is a Beach Day

If there's one thing we love the most about living in Long Beach, it absolutely has to be the beaches. The fact that we can decide to go hang at the beach on a Sunday afternoon with little to no pre-planning is priceless. Scarlett loves nothing more than to frolic around in the waves (well, except maybe her iPad) while Nick and I sit on the sand and enjoy the sound of the water and the laughter.  

I'm thinking I might have to start a "Favorite Beaches" series here so Scarlett can list out all of her favorite swimming and playing spots so far. As if I needed another excuse to hit the beach... 😉

love & cupcakes, 


A Little Universal Magic...

We bought tickets for Universal Studios back in August and they came with a second day free to visit before the end of September. We finally used our free day (just before they expired!) and we had a blast

The park wasn't very crowded at all since we went during the week (instead of on a weekend like we did last time) and Scarlett got to go on every single ride that she wanted to - some of them multiple times in a row! There were even some spooky Halloween displays set up because after the park closed for the day, it reopened for Halloween Horror Nights and Scarlett wasn't scared of the displays at all. She even asked when she would be allowed to go to Halloween Horror Nights! She's getting all grown up... 😭

We explored Hogsmeade again and finally got to try The Flight of the Hippogriff. Super fun! 

After we left the park, we saw a violinist on the way back to the parking lot and Scarlett was mesmerized. She just found out that she gets to be in the violin class at her school and she's head over heels for violin right now, so seeing someone playing at Universal's City Walk was a special treat. I even managed to track him down on Spotify so she could listen to him at home and she fell asleep to his music that night. 

We had so much fun! Have you been to Universal Studios before? 

love & cupcakes, 


The Library is OPEN!!

This past Saturday the main branch of the Long Street library finally opened and I could not be happier! The main branch is only a block away from our apartment and was a major factor in us deciding that this apartment in Long Beach was definitely for us. There was a grand opening and a ribbon cutting ceremony. They named the library for Billie Jean King, who grew up in Long Beach and she was there to give a speech and enjoy the festivities. 

The branch is gorgeous and I can't wait to spend most of my time there. Scarlett and I have even decided that it's going to be our new after school homework space. Stay tuned for more library love around here - I'm sure I'll be a regular in the stacks in no time at all. 

love & cupcakes,