eleven years...

Last weekend, Nick and I took a little road trip down the coast and stayed in a "canvas bungalow" by the beach. Our accommodations were sparse, but we spent so much time along the coast that our room didn't really matter very much. We had so much fun and were able to just relax and go with the flow. Not a bad way to spend our eleventh wedding anniversary.

We had some amazing food - stew and risotto with seafood and the yummiest breakfast ever at an adorable little French bakery. 

We hit up the beach and Nick left me to exploring on a huge rock out in the surf. It was beautiful but I wasn't wearing the right shoes to go be adventurous with him. Next time for sure, though!

Nick is a tiny little spec in the picture above!

We watched the sun set on our anniversary before grabbing a quick dinner and heading back to our bungalow. So pretty!

It was so nice to get away for a few days and just unplug and relax. We slept surprisingly well for being in a glorified tent all night but I would totally do it again in a heartbeat. We missed Scarlett like crazy but she had a blast with her cousins and grandparents and auntie eating ice cream and riding her scooter. I need more grown up weekends! 

love & cupcakes,



Happy Friday the 13th! Oooooooooh! Spooky! 👻  It also happens to be the day before Nick and my anniversary so we are getting ourselves ready for a romantic weekend to celebrate. We also chose Friday the 13th as our wedding rehearsal dinner night eleven years ago, so every time one rolls around, I get a little sentimental.  Here's what we're up to! 

Watching - I'm finally caught up on This is Us and I honestly don't know what to do with myself now. I don't think I've ever cried as many tears during just one season of a show [even while binge watching Grey's Anatomy during my maternity leave seven years ago!]. This show gives me all the feels! So good...

Reading - I'm nearing the end of Eleanor & Park and once I'm finished, I have Serafina and the Splintered Heart to fly through before I have to return it to the library. The last two Serafina books were tough reads for me and it took me a long time to get into them. Hopefully this one will catch my attention from the beginning. 

Eating - Nick is narrowing down the foods that are okay for him to eat and so far, the family go-to as been rice in all its forms. Hopefully next week I'll be able to really sit down and focus on his list of foods and come up with an easy meal plan to follow in these upcoming weeks. 

Anticipating - We are headed out for a romantic weekend later today! The ocean has been calling our names ever since we moved to West Sacramento so it's going to be amazing to spend a few days right by the water. The place we're staying is a "glamping" type of resort with canvas tents as rooms and a shared bathroom [!!!] and I'm honestly a bit freaked out. Nick is super excited, though, so I'm going to be adventurous and just try not to drink any water at night. Stumbling around outside trying to find a shared bathroom in the middle of the night is not my favorite thing to do... Wish me luck! 

Wishing - All these fires all over California are really weighing heavily on my heart. The smoke in the air around here is clearing a bit and some of the many fires are slowly being contained, but there is still so much damage and irreversible loss that so many people are dealing with. It's wonderful to see Californians lending a hand to one another during this time of immense need, but I wish it wasn't so devastating. Two of my friend's good friends just moved into their new house last month and it was completely destroyed by the fires the other day. If you find it in your heart to help contribute, please do. There are so many in need right now. 

Working On - I'm in a bit of a crafty spurt right now and I want to make stuff! The other day I got some plants and plain terra cotta pots and painted them to look like faces so once the plants are in the pots, it'll look like a face with some wild hair. I think we might do a smaller version of that as well for Scarlett's birthday party in December. 

I hope you all have some awesome fun stuff planned for this weekend. What are you up to?

love & cupcakes,


my favorite spooky movies

I feel like once the summertime heat starts to wane and the cool breezes start blowing in, my little family begins to come back to life from our summer hibernation. We spend more time outside, we feel more inspired and make more crafty goodies and we definitely watch more movies. We have a few seasonal favorites that we love to watch any time of the year but especially around Halloween. Here are our top five not very scary family favorites [and one for the grownups].

First up is ParaNorman - one of Scarlett's favorites. It's from the same studio that made Coraline so if you like that movie, this one already feels really familiar. It's cute and even though there are zombies in it, they're not terribly scary. There is a scene towards the end that was a bit intense and makes this movie better suited for kids that are a bit older.

Next, the classic tale of Jack the Pumpkin King, The Nightmare Before Christmas! We LOVE this movie. We watch it year round but especially love it at Halloween and Christmas. It was one of the first [if not very first] movies that Scarlett saw as a baby and it's still as near to our hearts now as it was then.  This movie is not scary at all and the music is so darn catchy, the entire family will be singing along. Definitely a must watch! 

Speaking of the wonder that is Tim Burton, next up is Corpse Bride and with a name like that, you'd think it was gory and gross but it's actually a beautiful love story that makes me cry every single time I watch it. I had this movie and The Little Mermaid on a constant loop while I was getting ready on my wedding day so it holds a special place in my heart. 

Hocus Pocus is such a great and fun Halloween movie. It's cheesy but in a great way with a real "Disney TV movie" feel to it. It's an absolute classic and so much fun to watch. I just showed it to Scarlett for the first time last year and while she wasn't super into it yet, I think it's growing on her. One of these days I WILL convince my mom and sister to dress up as the Sanderson Sisters with me for Halloween! I've been asking for years and maybe next year will be the year I finally wear them down.  Fingers crossed!

The Worst Witch is hands down one of my absolute favorite movies of all time! I watched it to death as a kid on a VHS tape my mom had used to tape it off TV. Classic! It stars Diana Rigg as Miss Hardbroom and when I saw her on Game of Thrones years and years later, I got so excited! The music in this movie is so catchy - I used to sing the theme song ALL THE TIME growing up.  
Plus all the students had the best names! "Pixie Brown" and "Gloria Hobgoblin" and "Zoe Chant-Vestry." The coolest... They recently rebooted the story as a series on Netflix and Scarlett gobbled it up! She blew through the first season in only a few days and is ready for more. 

Now, one for the grown ups. 

Good old Sweeney Todd! There is a bunch of blood and gore in this movie and of course, cannibalism isn't generally family friendly. But I couldn't leave this one off of my list. It feeds my love of Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and musicals all while making me so incredibly thankful that I didn't grow up during Victorian London. This is definitely one to watch after the kids have fallen asleep on Halloween night, preferably while gorging yourself silly on "fun size" candy bars snagged from trick or treat bags. 

What are your favorite Halloween movies? Do you like to watch the super scary stuff or are you a chicken like me? 

love & cupcakes,


scarlett style

Scarlett has been practicing doing her own hair lately. She has to learn how to put it up in a bun for ballet class and she's been trying to put it up each morning before school for some extra practice. Her messy little bun is super cute! She gets upset when it doesn't look "perfect" and her little hairs are sticking out all over the place but I love it like that! So sweet!

We might need to go back to Target for that My Little Pony hoodie. So cute!!

love & cupcakes,


lake tahoe overnight

Last weekend we headed up to Lake Tahoe for a quick overnight trip. It is so freaking beautiful up there. I could just sit and stare at the lake all day and never get tired of it. 

We went up for a family event where Nick's family dedicated the renovation of the Pastor's Cabin at Zephyr Point to the memory of Nick's grandfather who spent many a summer there being inspired by the lake and writing Sunday sermons. 

After the dedication, Nick and I got some date time and we played in the casino for an hour or so. We even came out $1.25 ahead! Woo hoo! High rollers over here! 

After our adult time was up, we hung out with Scarlett and hit up the arcade. Nick even won a ticket jackpot! He was so happy that he did a victory lap around the arcade. Hilarious! 

We spent the night in a local hotel and after a wonderful sushi lunch the next day, we hit the road towards home. 
It's super nice to only be a few hours away from the lake. I see many more day trips in our future for sure! 

love & cupcakes,