magical girl

I think she's made of magic. 

It breaks my heart to hear the big kids at the playground - the ones who've lost all of their wonder and magic already, even though they're still so young. I hear them tell her that there are no such things as fairies or magical wishing stars. That a pixie didn't kiss her belly when she was a baby and leave the red mark that sits just above her bellybutton to this very day. I want to go out and grab them, shake them, remind them that if they don't believe in magic, magic will never find them. They'll never see a pixie or have a wish granted by a shooting star or a flying dandelion. They'll never see the fairy doors hidden in all the trees surrounding the playground or hear the tinkling bells that ring when a fairy speaks. They're already adults. Tiny little adults. 

Scarlett still believes in all of it. She looks for leprechauns and makes a thousand wishes on every single dandelion and star she sees. She believes that her stuffed animals protect her at night and that her books hold magical stories. She knows that if you plant jellybeans on Easter, the'll grow overnight into a beautiful lollipop and that Santa loves cookies and milk and a nice handwritten note on Christmas Eve. She thinks it's amazing that the Easter Bunny knows to leave Easter eggs hidden at our house, her grandpa's house and at her Ma and Pa's house, too. She knows that all you need to do in order to make a new friend is ask for one - and I hope she never stops believing any of it. I pray that this world doesn't try to steal her sparkle and rob her of her wonder. I hope that she remembers that as long as you believe in magic, magic will believe in you and you will see it in everything around you. Magic will find her, as long as she keeps it with her. 

love & cupcakes,


red hair, don't care...

I have never been one to get emotionally attached to my hair. I've bleached it, cut it, permed it, dyed it [repeatedly] - I haven't even seen my actual natural hair color since I was in junior high. 

But as I sit here with bleach in my hair, I can't help but feel like it's the end of an era. I've had red hair for over fifteen years... I had red hair when Nick and I met. I had red hair when we got married. I had red hair when Scarlett was born and I've had red hair for her entire life. 

And now, the red is gone.

Here's to the end of an era... Let's see how long it lasts! 

love & cupcakes,


happy [day after] easter!

We had such a fun Easter yesterday. There were insane amounts of eggs to be found, tons of candy and sweets, a horrible structurally un-sound cake with load-bearing Peeps holding it up [that tasted wonderful],  water in wine glasses and some super happy, sugar-high kids.

Hanging with her Peeps...

Scarlett got my wine glass [filled with water] and thought she was the coolest thing ever!

So many eggs! 

Isabelle put out a bowl "for people who don't like yolks." It was much appreciated. 

Scarlett planted a purple jellybean that grew into a bunny lollipop overnight! 

The cake was such a disaster - but at least it tasted yummy! 


It was such a good day! How was your Easter?

love & cupcakes,


happy easter!

Scarlett woke up this morning to a super full Easter basket, piles of candy filled eggs and an egg hunt! She found all the hidden eggs and is now working her way through a ton of gummy candy for breakfast. She wore some bunny ears, a pearl necklace and not much else - it's been a relaxing morning so far. I still have a layer cake to bake and decorate before we head over to my parents house for the annual egg hunt and Easter festivities so I'd better get cracking! 

Happy Easter! I hope your day is lovely...

love & cupcakes, 


happy anniversary!

[Photos by Suerte Photography]

Happy Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I hope you're having a blast in Seattle! Love you!

love & cupcakes, 


down and out...

I have been stuck in the apartment all weekend long with the worst cold I've ever had... I'm still fighting off the worst headache ever and hoping I'll feel well enough to function by this afternoon - the apartment is a mess and Scarlett has gymnastics to go to. 

Through all my illness, though, Nick was SuperDad and AwesomeHusband. He stepped up and took care of Scarlett on his own all weekend long and even took over for me when my nieces needed to be picked up from Sunday School and hung out with until my sister was off of work. I missed out on park time and pizza lunch dates, pool breaks and bike rides, but I got to rest and fight off this illness and he and Scarlett even brought me sunflowers and sushi to help me feel better. 

Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon - I feel like I totally missed out on some awesome family time this weekend and I want to make it up next weekend. Hopefully this is the end of cold and flu season in our house - I can't take any more illness around here! 

love & cupcakes,



She can't help but get crazy if there's mud around...

Happy Friday! We made it through another week! Ours has been pretty chill - and I like it that way! Here's what I'm up to...

Reading - I'm slowly working my way through my insane stack of magazines. Since we moved to our apartment [7 months ago!!] I just haven't been into reading my magazines. I still adore them - I just can't seem to get around to actually reading them yet. So I'm trying to plow through them now. 

Watching - Scarlett was so excited to find the new Monster High movie on Netflix yesterday after pool time. She sat still and quiet for the entire movie! Such a nice little break. And I'm sure we'll see it about a million more times before the end of the weekend. 

Anticipating - We're having a wine tasting girl's night tonight and I'm excited to just hang out with some friends and relax for a bit - especially since there will be wine involved! 

Listening To - I put a few new songs for Scarlett on her tablet and she's found her "new favorite song ever!" It's been on repeat like crazy this week...

Eating - Way too many Cheez-Its. Like, seriously. 

Working On - Accepting that this warm weather might be sticking around. We really got shafted on winter this year... 

Wishing - For longer weekends and more relaxing family time. Lazy days together are the best.

How has your week been so far? What are you up to?

love & cupcakes, 


leprechaun hunting!

Last Friday, Scarlett still wasn't ready to say goodbye to Saint Patrick's Day yet, so we grabbed our sneakers and went for a hike. She wanted to look for leprechauns and show them a picture of her. I love her imagination...

She found a tree that she's decided is her new favorite place in the world. We found ladybugs, lizards, cows and butterflies and at one point I think we came dangerously close to a skunk! Scarlett picked dandelions and made wishes. It was such a great hike - I can't wait to take her again! 

love & cupcakes,