New year, new word, right? For 2020 I really feel that my word is meant to be "Peace." 

I'm going to try and seek peace this year. Especially peace for myself as I have a tendency to pour too much of myself out for others and put myself into a state of stress and anxiety trying to make sure everyone else has everything they need. I know that in trying to find more peaceful moments for myself it's going to inconvenience others a bit more and make me less available than I have traditionally been, but I really feel like this is something I have to do for myself and for my household. It's definitely going to be a journey and a challenge sometimes, but I feel really led to embrace this word and all the potential change it might bring me this year. 

Do you have a word for the year? 

love & cupcakes, 


An Epic Thanksgiving Road Trip...

For Thanksgiving this year we drove all over the state to visit family and friends and had so much fun. We somehow managed to spend countless hours cooped up together and didn't even make each other (too) crazy!

We started off our trip heading from Long Beach up to West Sacramento (with a required stop at Bravo Farms in Kettleman City, of course) to see our Southport Church family and friends. Scarlett was so excited to get to see her girls and we got to enjoy a hilarious dance routine that the kids choreographed as well. So many laughs!

Nick and I even got to sneak away for a couple of hours to visit our favorite tiki bar (outside of Trader Sam's) and have some super delicious drinks and snacks. If you ever find yourself near Sacramento, you should definitely make The Jungle Bird a required stop on your trip!

We also made sure to grab some of Nick's absolute favorite Chinese food from Peace Cuisine followed up by some yummy brews from Jackrabbit and the grand finale - ice cream from Devil May Care! So good!

After we bid a fond farewell to West Sacramento, we headed up the mountain to Lake Tahoe to spend time with family for the night. We had originally planned on spending two nights up there but with a blizzard heading that way, we decided to cut our trip short by a night so we could head back down the mountain without getting stuck in the snow. We barely made it down before the snow started really coming down behind us.

Once we got (safely) down the mountain, it was off to the Bay for Thanksgiving! We grabbed our nieces and went to see Frozen 2 and get a little mall time in before the craziness of the holidays really took over.

Oh! I almost forgot! On our way to the Bay, we stopped in Vacaville for a few hours so Scarlett could hang out with a friend of hers from school and Girl Scouts and while we were there, she decided on a whim to finally get her ears pierced! She was super brave and she's been taking such great care of them so far. She's looking forward to New Year's Day so she can finally change them out and wear different pairs.

Okay - back to Thanksgiving. We had so much fun with the family! My parents cooked like crazy and everything was delicious! My mom's charcuterie board was so yummy that we all almost filled up on it before the turkey was even ready. My brother even made this original red wine blend a while back that we finally got to open and try and it was surprisingly really good! 

On our way home on Black Friday we had to stop by Bravo Farms again - as usual. And on the summit of the Grapevine there was snow! Like, enough snow to get out and play and have a snowball fight and even make a snowman! Scarlett and Nick thought it would be super fun to throw snowball after snowball at the windshield of our car while I sat in there trying to keep warm. Flip flops, while great for road trips, aren't the best unexpected snow attire. 

Once we finally made it home, we started in on the many, MANY loads of dirty laundry that needed to be washed and enjoyed the comfort of our own beds. The next morning, we got the chance to meet up in Downtown Disney to hang out with some more of our West Sacramento friends and Scarlett was over the moon! She missed Kennedy so much! The girls got henna tattoos and Scarlett's is still going strong. Plus, Scarlett got to taste her very first beignet - and I'm fairly certain that it's going to be a new staple of our DTD trips from now on. 

It was such an awesome trip. I'm still a bit tired from all of the travel and craziness, but I'm so glad that we went and did so much throughout the week. 

Now, on to Christmas insanity! 

love & cupcakes, 



Last month we had the pleasure of of being invited to check out LEGOLAND during the Halloween season and it did not disappoint! We had so much fun running around the LEGOLAND Hotel, trick or treating, playing with LEGO Bricks and building all kinds of creations and that was all before we even set foot inside LEGOLAND itself! 

We had such a blast - we can't wait to go back again!

love & cupcakes, 


Santa Monica Pier

On Saturday we went out exploring as a family and since Nick wasn't able to join Scarlett and I when we went to the Santa Monica Pier a few months ago, we decided to check it out together. The weather was nice and cool with some fluffy clouds floating through here and there but since it was a Saturday, it was still pretty crowded so we didn't spend too long there. We're the kind of people that would rather visit somewhere touristy on a random Tuesday in February when the weather is nasty and there is no one else there instead of braving the crowds to go somewhere when the weather is nice and it's the weekend. 

We grabbed a quick lunch of nachos and a cheese quesadilla and people watched a bit before stopping for the obligatory coffee (for Nick and I) and an ice cream cone (for Scarlett). 

There were street performers who were dancing and playing the drums and electric violin and so many vendors selling fruit and elote and caricatures. I'm sure we'll be back when there are less people there so we can enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed by tourists. 

Have you ever been to the Santa Monica Pier? What was your favorite part?

love & cupcakes,