scarlett style - it's been a while...

Well, hello there! It's been quite a while since we've showcased some of Scarlett's lovely fashion, right? Since she's back in school and wearing her uniform most days, she's had to rely on amazing shoes, funky socks and a wide array of hair accessories to show off her sense of style. Here we go!

The other night I talked Scarlett into letting me trim her hair and it evolved into her wanted a lot more cut off than just an inch or two. Her new haircut is so cute! It makes her look so much older but she loves it and it's super easy to brush her hair now. Stay tuned for lots more cute hair looks in the upcoming posts! 

love & cupcakes, 



Happy Friday! We made it through another week...Cheers to the weekend! Here's what I'm up to right now. 

Watching - I just realized that I still have some episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries that I haven't watched yet! I need to get done with those... 

Reading - I'm still reading The Chemist. I'm having a tough time focusing on it so I haven't gotten really far yet, but hopefully I'll be able to carve out some time this weekend to really dive in. 

Eating - Nick's stomach has been really bothering him so we've been cutting down on meat and anything spicy so it's been pretty bland and blah around here lately. 

Anticipating - This is the first weekend since I can't even remember when that we don't have anything pre-planned out! I'm so excited to just relax and take things as they come. We really need some family downtime... 

Wishing - I wish Nick would feel all better! I've of course been craving only spicy things since his stomach has started hurting and I feel bad eating them in front of him. I want my spicy eating partner back please!! 

Working On - I need to really buckle down and work on a weekly routine for myself. Once Scarlett is off to school and Nick is off to work, it's far too easy for me to get sucked into the depths of the never-ending internet and lose most of my day without even realizing it. I need to get myself into a regular routine of errand running and chores so that I won't get totally distracted and have nothing to show for my day except my browser history.

Loving - I'm really loving this weather! It's cooled down a lot recently and it's really starting to feel like Fall! I can open the windows and leave them open for most of the morning before it gets hotter outside than inside. I'm so happy!

I hope you have some amazing, relaxing stuff planned for this weekend! What are you up to?

love & cupcakes, 


currently... in the middle of the week.

I know, I know. It's Wednesday. But I didn't post a "currently" last week so I figured I could throw one in today and we'll see how Friday goes... Here's what I'm up to right now. 

Watching - I'm finally in season 12 of Supernatural. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself once I'm caught up to network television. I don't know if I can stand waiting a whole week in between episodes. Do you have any suggestions for other shows that could scratch my Supernatural itch?

Reading - I just started The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer. I'm only a few pages in so I'm not sure how I'm going to like it yet, but hopefully it'll be a good one. Fingers crossed! 

Eating - Scarlett talked me into getting her one of those big bags of single serving chips for her school lunches a while back and they had original flavor SunChips in it. I think I'm hooked. Blargh. 

Anticipating - This weekend is the first weekend in recent memory that we don't have anything planned to do already. I'm hoping we can just relax and have a chill family weekend, although there's always the chance we'll end up with stuff planned closer to the end of the week anyway. We'll see how it plays out. 

Working On - I tend to wear my dresses until they literally fall apart and Nick talks me into letting them go. I just hate having to go shopping and looking for new stuff to wear when I'm so comfortable in the stuff I already have. That being said, a bunch of my favorite dresses are really feeling their age and starting to develop random holes and frayed spots so the clock is ticking. I'd love to try to recreate them with new fabric so I've been working on figuring out how to draw a pattern to sew a new dress from the ones I already have. I'm going to try to head to the fabric store later today to get some fabric for a test run. Wish me luck!

Loving - The weather has started to cool down a little bit lately. It's still super muggy and humid, but we're out of triple digits for the time being. Hopefully Fall can push it's way through the end of Summer and start to really cool down soon. The little breezes we've been getting are awesome and we even had thunder and lightning the other night for a little bit! Woo hoo!

I hope your week has been awesome so far. Scarlett has a minimum day today so it's a bit shorter than usual. I might have to drag her to the fabric store with me later instead of going by myself. Or maybe I'll just wait until tomorrow. Happy Mid-week!

love & cupcakes,



Happy Friday! It's freaking hot out there, right?!? Summer is the worst. But at least we're looking at the end soon... Plus a three day weekend isn't too bad. Here's what I'm up to right now. 

Watching - I'm still trying to sneak in episodes of Supernatural when I get a chance during the day but honestly, more often than not, the TV doesn't even get turned on while Scarlett is at school. It's not a terrible thing. 

Reading - I'm reading Mirrored right now and I'm liking it. I feel like it may be a bit slow going but I honestly haven't been able to really focus on it and read as often as I'd like, so it's probably mostly my fault. 

Eating - Original flavor Baked Lays are amazing right now...

Anticipating - Labor Day weekend is almost here! We're heading back to the Bay on Sunday to see family and I'm so excited! My cousin is in town, too, so we get bonus family time! 

Wishing - We're smack dab in the middle of a serious heat wave over here and I'm DYING... If it could cool down like 35 degrees, that would be awesome. Thanks! 

Working On - Scarlett is in school for an hour longer this year than she was last year and I sure feel it. Being in the apartment all day by myself can be awesome, as I'm not usually in a super social mood. But it also gets pretty lonely. I need to look at joining a gym/class/club or getting a really chill part time job [Scarlett's school schedule can get wonky as holidays and minimum days come up] so I can meet some folks and hopefully find some daytime friends. Maybe... Honestly, I'm just as likely to just embrace the hermit-ness and stay in my apartment all day. We'll see what happens...

Loving - I'm so glad that we moved here. It sucks being so far from my family and the [generally] cooler weather of the Bay but Nick's paycheck stretches so much farther here and it's such a wonderful feeling to not be so stressed out all the time. Not constantly thinking about money gives my brain the chance to calm down a bit and really enjoy the time we have together. At least once every day I find myself just smiling and feeling extremely grateful for everything we have. It's awesome. 

I hope you have some amazing things planned for the three day weekend! Stay cool wherever you are and spend some time with your loved ones. I know I will! Happy Labor Day! 

love & cupcakes, 


back to school night

Last night we went to Scarlett's new school for Back to School Night. She had a blast! She chose to wear a super fancy dress and a tiara since she didn't have to wear her school uniform after hours and she had me take a ton of photos of her.

She got to eat some strawberry shaved ice and we definitely hit up the book fair and got some new books. We heard presentations from her principal, assistant principal and her teacher and got a better idea of how she spends her days at school.

She even showed us how much better she's gotten at the monkey bars - blisters on her hands and everything.

All in all, it was a good evening. 

love & cupcakes, 


scarlett in funderland!

Last weekend we went out to grab some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and found ourselves right across the street from Funderland! We couldn't pass up the opportunity to let Scarlett go on some rides before the sweltering heat crept in [or rather, Scarlett wouldn't let us pass up the opportunity] so in we went! 

Scarlett got to go on a bunch of rides and even talked Nick into going on the log swings with her. She loved it! And we even still have ride tickets left so the next time we find ourselves nearby, she can go on a few more rides, too! We had a blast even though we were only there for a little while. We'll definitely go back again soon - hopefully as soon as this hot weather takes a break! 

love & cupcakes,