scarlett is seven!

I can't even believe that my little baby girl is a seven year old now... Well, technically she's been a seven year old for an entire week already but it still doesn't even seem real. I feel like she should still be a little bald baby. Or at the very least, a rambunctious opinionated toddler. But she's in full on big kid mode now and there's no turning back.

We spent the evening of her birthday treating her to some pizza before going roller skating for her birthday party the next morning. It was so fun! She even said it was her favorite birthday party yet!

I can definitely see us doing another roller skating party in the future. Maybe even for Nick or my birthday! 

Such a great birthday! 

love & cupcakes, 



Happy Friday! This week felt incredibly looooooooong, right?? I think because of all the birthday craziness of last weekend this week was like one long sleepless night. I'm ready for some rest and relaxation! Here's what I'm up to right now...

Watching - I'm back on a Supernatural kick right now but I've been really into Kevin Probably Saves the World lately. It's the cutest show! I'm all caught up on it now and I'm pretty bummed that I have to wait for new episodes. So good! 

Reading - I finished Capital Gaines and now I'm working on American Gods again, although I'm the worst at actually finishing that book. I've already read about half of it but I didn't retain anything. I'm giving it another shot, though. 

Anticipating - Nick and I are going to a winery for a few days with my parents this weekend while Scarlett enjoys a sleepover at her Auntie Jessica's house. I'm honestly mostly looking forward to a good road trip with Nick where we actually get to be in charge of the music playlist for a change! 

Listening To - Speaking of playlists, I found this huge one on Spotify full of songs from the 90s and it's been on a pretty constant rotation all week. 

Wishing - We only have a few little gifts left to get and wrap and we'll be completely ready for Christmas! I can't wait to be able to just sit back and enjoy the holidays without worrying about last minute tasks to be completed. I wish I could just be done now! 

Working On - I'm working on getting those last few gifts done and wrapped so I can relax!

Loving - Nick and I got to go see the new Star Wars movie earlier today and it was amazing!!! I liked it even more than The Force Awakens. So good! Go see it!!

I hope you have something chill and relaxing to do this weekend. I'll drink a glass of wine for you. Happy weekending! 

love & cupcakes, 


scarlett style

We've got a new coat over here! And it's majorly stylish. Scarlett has been getting pretty creative with her accessories lately and she's super excited to rock her new pink fuzzy coat. I think my favorite outfit of the week was her flowy blank tank with her rainbow leggings that she wore while she went ice skating with her grandpa - and I wasn't even there to see it in person! So cute! 

The eyes on the back of that fuzzy jacket are amazing, right?? So good...

love & cupcakes, 


DREAM 2017

This past weekend Nick and I went to his company holiday party and it was beyond amazing! I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but this party was bigger and better than anything I'd imagined. There were stilt walkers mingling in the crowds and multiple photo stations scattered about. Huge decorations straight out of Wonderland were everywhere and the food was out of this world! There was a shrimp scampi pasta that I'm pretty sure I could've eaten all of - so delicious! There was a DJ and then a band and then another DJ to keep the music going all night long. Karaoke in one room, tarot card readings in another with poker and blackjack right in the middle. Honestly, when we first got there, it was all a bit overwhelming, but as the night went on, I got more comfortable. There was just so much to do and see! Seriously, one of the best parties I've ever been to. 

So many goodies, so much fun! I'm about partied out now, but I have to get myself back in party mode because Scarlett turns 7 on Friday and we're going roller skating! Woo hoo! Stay tuned for some party prep and birthday shenanigans. 

love & cupcakes,